Stepping out into childhood again.


Sometimes in the beginning of our journey into a deeper relationship of intimacy with God, we need to make a conscious decision to step into his presence. By making a physical choice, I’m learning to re-embrace once more the simple gift of childhood imagination.
I’m beginning to understand that making use of our imagination while keeping our eyes and hearts on Jesus appears to play a key role as we take a step closer into this reality. A reality that I’m ready to take a step of Faith towards as I allow his presence to remove the lenses I’ve been looking through for too long now. I know I’m bound to make mistakes along the way but the beauty of keeping my mind and heart on him allows me the grace to learn and stumble yet still prosper. This journey is going to be full of things I can’t even begin to imagine yet, but I’m going to start it anyway. One step at a time until he has systematically disabled all the veils that the reality of this world has caused me to forget.
Reigniting My imagination I can already picture Papa holding out his arms and saying to me ‘Welcome back daughter, what took you so long? I’ve got so much to show you…’

Inspirations from the Holy Spirit with the Pondering Princess.